"space&interiors returns for its second year with a new layout created by our practice.
The entire ample display area at The Mall, in the heart of Porta Nuova, has been conceived as a veritable narrative about the world of finishes, which itself is as an assembly of alternation and interaction between different areas.
Visitors are greeted by three different yet interconnected realities, all within the same space: one is a strictly commercial exhibition for finding out about products, another is more immersive, hosting a multisensory installation that focuses attention on the quality and characteristics of the products. To round it all off, a highly dynamic hospitality area is reserved for more intimate business meetings and a great many Milan Design Week 2017 initiatives.
Environmental graphic design provides the cornerstone for connections between these different elements, supported by targeted lighting and projection systems that define and characterize the various possible pathways and levels of exploration visitors may enjoy"