The Light of Marble

by IMM

An innovative exhibiting project meant to illustrate the strong connection between the light and the most fascinating and noble among the stone materials used in construction and for the creation of design objects or works of art: Marble. Particularly, white Carrara marble, certainly the "king" among the noblest stone materials ever.

"La luce del marmo" will tell a story made of  emotions, solid like marble and  bright as the atmospheres marble creates. An artificial place that will become an exhibition of objects and products made of Marble of Carrara, connected to the use of artificial  and natural sources of light as an element  to highlight the instrinsic beauty of stone or the energy necessary to enlighten environments and objects. An itinerant space conceived to put Carrara Marble back in the spotlight at a national and international level, through "natural" design. A cluster of stories that will intersect, creating for designers, experts, sector journalists and stone companies a great occasion of gathering and meeting


Simbolo della mostra è BlockTheRock, un imponente blocco di marmo di Carrara sapientemente illuminato dall’interno che sarà posizionato sulla piazza antistante l’ingresso. Il blocco sarà la perfetta icona che accoglierà i visitatori di space&interiors e che comunicherà l’evento anche durante le notti milanesi del Fuorisalone.